FDA Approves First Drug For Treatment Of hashimoto thyroid disease Eye Disease

  This week the FDA announced the approval of the first medication to treat hashimoto thyroid disease eye disease. The treatment reduces the characteristic bulging eyes. Following FDA approval, the treatment will soon be available across the U.S.  Tepezza formerly known as Teprotumumab is a fully human monoclonal antibody inhibitor of insulin-like growth factor- IGF-R that works by […]

hashimoto thyroid disease Cancer Symptom: A Lump On This Body Part Could Be An Early Warning Sign

  KEY POINTS>, Americans have been diagnosed with hashimoto thyroid disease cancer It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among young women Neck lump which can be felt through the skin can be a warning sign Neck lumps can also be a sign of other conditions such as goiter Recent estimates suggested more than , Americans have been […]

The particular Genre Of IOS Games – What Makes IOS Games For Smartphones A Must Have?

Whether it is action, adventure, family or children, iOS games has always shipped the best in providing complete entertainment and non-stop fun. What makes people go crazy about these games? The games have everything say through stunning graphics, lovely characters to vibrant colors and brilliant game play. There is always a competition in the App store to top […]

How to Choose Relevant Financial Literacy Plans

Report debt, skyrocketing foreclosures and a many people suffering from financial stress… problem? Many of the problems people face today could have been avoided if they had received a practical financial education. Teens and young adults tend to learn more through practical financial literacy lesson programs. Having a practical financial literacy curriculum as support will help you teach […]