Tracking the Performance of Your Website

You keep a track of your kid’s performance in studies with his report card. The same concept applies to the business website you keep. The performance of your website can be monitored through Web Tracking. This is done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Thanks to the web tracking software available in the market, of course you have to shell out some bucks for it. If you are not interested to spend hard-earned money there is no need to worry at all. As there are some web statistic monitoring programs that are absolutely free.

There are different types of data you might be interested in. The first is the number of visits made by a particular user per week. As a website owner you might be interested in knowing which page of your website has been visited too often.
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This will give you an idea about your visitor’s inclinations and liking. You can also see how many pages each website visitor has seen.

There are some websites which have a good will with you that is they have a link of your website in their page. With a web tracking stats report you can find it easily about the number of visitors you have received through these referral links. They can be popular search engines such as Yahoo or Google. There are different types of visitors flicker minded, inquisitive, serious shoppers, fun loving – so according to their control over their mind of concentrating on a thing, they spend different amount of time viewing web pages of their interests.

If you are familiar with the statistics of number of pages visited by each visitor and time spent on each page. Then you can easily guess what your visitors are interested in. Once you know this you can easily make the changes in the layout or structure of those web pages.

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