Chiropractic Marketing Tip: Get Facebook Fan Page Reviews

Here’s a chiropractic marketing tip that very few chiropractors are using at the moment.
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It deals with getting reviews on your business Facebook fan page. It’s very important to have an abundance of reviews so as any potential new patients see your page, they’ll also see overwhelming amounts of social proof.

The first impression is so important.

Statistically speaking, fans of your page will only go visit the home page one time. Can you believe that? If they’re fans, they will usually only see your status updates and won’t go any farther. Yes, they may click your links in the posts, but less than 10% of them will go back to your original Facebook fan page!

That’s why, having as much social proof as possible is critical on that initial visit.

There are different review applications that you can install on your fan page that will give you the power to collect reviews and ratings from existing patients. Once you have it ready, you can do these strategies to invite others to leave feedback:

1) Send an email to your list asking them if they can help you out. In your chiropractic office, you probably see plenty of people with neck and back pain so go to those you’ve helped first. Make sure to give a deadline and incentive for existing patients to rate you.

2) Set-up a laptop in your chiropractic office reception area. Patients you’ve helped get out of pain will be able to leave a review immediately after their visit.

3) Post a status update on Facebook asking friends and current patients to rate you / your practice.

4) Run a Facebook ad to patients / fans of your practice page. It’s so easy to target current fans this way so they can leave feedback.

The great thing about getting reviews for your chiropractic practice on your Facebook fan page is that it’s so much easier and convenient than Google Places, Yelp, or CitySearch. It takes a patient less than 30 seconds to write a fan page review. Each and every rating is like gold, too.

The fact of the matter is this, potential new patients choose doctors like how we choose books to read on Amazon. The first thing we normally do is to look at the reviews before we buy books. This scenario is no different. Keep this mind and strive to have a disproportionate amount of reviews than that of your competitors.

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