Credit score Repair Scams and What to Look Out For

It is an unfortunate truth that the credit restoration industry as a whole has taken a lot of heat because of the actions of several unethical and (sometimes) illegal credit repair organizations. The Federal Trade Commission rate has worked with various states’ attorneys general to shut-down those credit score repair companies that operate beyond legal procedure. When choosing a company to assist repair your credit, it is imperative that you look for an established company, which has passed the review of the FTC, Lawyers General, and the Better Business Bureau. In addition , additional things you can look for to help you make a good decision about your credit repair.
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Things to look out for before hiring a credit restoration organization:

* Offering to “create a new identity”
* Claims that they can remove debts, liens, and bankruptcies from your credit report
* Claim to remove accurate negative information from your credit history
* Not up front about what that can be done legally on your own
* Asking for money up front before services are rendered (which may violate ‘right associated with rescission’ laws
* Make crazy guarantees about how quickly or effectively they can remove items on your report

What does a true credit repair company do that makes them a legitimate company?

2. Can only help remove inaccurate information on your credit report
* Provide comprehensive contacting on how to be a better consumer
* Have established relationships with creditors and the big three credit bueaus
2. Be up front about the cost, only require a relatively small startup fee, and offer services risk free with a “cancel at any time” policy
* The startup cost follows state mandated “right of rescission” periods in which they cannot actually charge your credit card until after the period has ended
* Have successfully served many clients, with a fairly small number of complaints from customers, and proof of their services provided.
* Never trust a guarantee that we can “clean up your credit” and make sure the company is up front about the undeniable fact that credit repair is typically a 3-6 month process and can even last one full year
* Be transparent about what they do and how you can actually restoration your own credit without their providers
* Ensure they are not on the FTC watch list or in their database of credit repair scams

However, most compliant, transparent and market leading comapanies are sometimes powerless to assist certain credit situations facing consumers. There are many credit organizations that make false claims, and because of this some customers may have inaccurate information about what can legally be done to help them repair their credit. If a credit repair corporation cannot help you, it is their duty to give you advice on how to best manage your situation, and not sign you on with additional services that you don’t need.

The act of credit repair is definitely legal and it is within the rights from the consumer to pursue the removal of inaccurate credit repair information through any kind of legally-acceptable channel available to them. Keep in mind, however , that involvement with any unlawful credit repair scheme could result in a person receiving punishment for your involvement. Most commonly, credit repair scams are brought up on charges of mail or even wire fraud, or the federal criminal offense of falsely reporting information to the IRS or credit organizations. These accusations are not taken lightly, and it is not worth the risk of being associated with a credit repair scam to repair your credit when perfectly legal and acceptable solutions are available.

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