Safeguard and Deliver Your Digital Products With SmartDD Lite

How would you like a great way to sell and protect your digital products on Auto. With Smartddlite you can do just that even if you make your sale at 2am in the morning.

I thought I would give this particular a try as I have been looking at it for over a year. Like everything, when you get the zipped up package it looks very complicated. But in the conclusion it was easy to set up. I just read the instructions and looked at the video several times and went from there.

This is how it works: You receive a payment from a customer via PayPal, either through a web site or auction web sites. PayPal sends the details to SmartDD Lite which then sends a personalized email to your customer with a DISTINCTIVE link to the download page. Your own customer goes to the download web page and downloads their purchase simply by clicking on another UNIQUE link. Right after they’ve downloaded, the link expires. 24 hours later, SmartDD Lite sends your customer a PERSONALIZED follow up email. Here’s more info regarding seagm have a look at our internet site.

It’s as simple as that. SmartDD Lite has now completed its automatic digital delivery on your behalf. Once you’ve setup your product, you don’t have to lift a finger! Just set up all your electronic ebooks in this way and forget about them. Remember you can easily send your much-loved software this way as well.

This product is absolutely great value for money and it is not too expensive possibly. Click below to look at more information plus automate your business.

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