Looking After Your Platform Scales

Platform scales can last for years, as long as you take proper care of them.

Many factories plus chemical, pharmaceutical and food refinement companies use digital platform weighing scales to obtain accurate measurements of the products they’re using – but over time, this can lead to a lot of wear and tear for the machines. Keep an eye out for these common factors behind damage:

Dust and Moisture

Repeated exposure to dust and moisture really can take its toll on the lifespan of a great pair of platform scales, and have an effect on its ability to give a reliable reading through – unfortunately, however , dust and moisture are an unavoidable consequence of manufacturing and processing. Therefore your best bet is to purchase scales that are resists these dangers. A scale’s level of resistance will be specified in its description upon purchase. Stainless steel platforms really are a particularly good option if you’re worried about liquefied damage, as they are designed to withstand temporary periods of contact with liquids, and can be wiped dry afterwards having a cloth. You can even buy some models that are so waterproof that they can become cleaned using a high-powered water plane. Make sure you buy the appropriate model for your requirements to begin with, to avoid it getting rundown quickly.

Damage during Transit

Platform scales can easily be damaged during transit, if they are frequently being moved in between different locations. If you know this is likely, try and buy a more durable model to start with. It pays to check the state of the scale after moving it: perform testing to check the calibration hasn’t been affected, check that everything is in full working order and that readings are still reliable.
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Always be careful when moving the particular scales not to drop them or even jolt them unnecessarily.

Maintaining Bathroom Accuracy

As platform scales are such precise instruments, they can simply be affected by changes to their environment. Tend not to expose them to extremely high or even low temperatures, and try to keep the temp of the room they are in stable. Always calibrate the scales plus check weighing accuracy in the same room that they will generally be used in, as this is the environment they should be calibrated in order to. If the scales are moved to a brand new location, they should be recalibrated for this new setting. Many digital platform weighing scales come equipped with auto calibration choices, which saves a lot of time and work whilst maintaining weighing accuracy.

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