What Is Silver Marcasite Jewelry?

Metallic marcasite jewelry is really not manufactured from real marcasite stones. It is made up of small pieces of iron pyrite, popularly referred as fool’s gold, and sterling silver. If you’re seeking for something that is usually affordable, attractive, and sophisticated, silver marcasite jewelry is generally the best place to start your search.

As what has been talked about, silver marcasite jewelry is made from metal pyrite stones and not marcasite rocks. The latter is not suitable for jewelry making because of its unsteady and fragile characteristics. Instead, pyrite is used as a replacement. Pyrite has a metal-like luster and brass-yellow hue, which is the reason why it’s quickly wrong as gold. This type of mineral stone is exceptionally scratch resistant, lightweight, and tough.

Most of the marcasite-made jewellery on the market today is designed with Art Deco or estate vintage looks. A few sport a tarnish effect (due to oxidation) that adds to their appeal. You will normally see these set in sterling silver to form complex and beautiful jewelry patterns.

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, marcasite jewelry has been prevalent as fashion statements and complements to different wardrobes. It was extremely popular during the 18th century, or the Victorian era. Marcasite, or more precisely, pyrite, has been the number one replacement for diamonds during the 1700’s and World War 1 because it’s cheaper and much more accessible.

There is practically a lot of numerous marcasite jewelry available out there. You will discover rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, necklaces, brooches, pins, and earrings. Most of these are inspired by the Art Deco era while some have antique styles. As for the price, they’re not really overly expensive. You could buy a standard marcasite ring for $9. 26 while a wrist watch could cost you as much as $163.

The sterling silver marcasite along with synthetic pearl floral ring (item number: 10387506) from OverStock. possuindo might be what you’re looking for.
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It is offering for $17. 10, a price reduced from its original price of $19. It offers small, round gemstones with grey and white colors. It is decorated with seven white pearls that are beautifully designed to have a flower agreement.

If you seek sophistication and uniqueness, you could try the sterling silver and Swiss marcasite helix jewelry set (item number: 13276447) that’s made from Thailand. You can buy this from OverStock. com for only $58. 49. It really is skillfully handmade with the marcasite gemstones prearranged in a twisting pattern making use of sterling silver setting. The set includes complementary necklace and earrings that are perfect for all types of special and formal occasions.

Whether it’s cheap or not, it will always be recommended to be cautious when buying jewelry, especially online. Pay attention to the product details. Ask or read the purchase and payment process, and return or refund policies. And if achievable, buy your silver marcasite jewelry only from well-known and reputable online or offline jewelry stores.

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