Specialize Your Window Cleaning Business To increase Profits

Concentrate your window cleaning business within the smallest segment of a market. You will end up viewed as an expert, and command increased prices. That means higher hourly prices, and more profits.

Why do windows cleaners insist on being a jack of trades? They will clean any type of screen that comes along. You see yellow web page ads stating they clean home, commercial, high rise, route work…

If you clean any and all glass you see a generalist, and will have to contend against the lowest bidder. That is one of the biggest complaints I read on the window cleaning boards. Several times a year We read window cleaners complain regarding low-ballers. And there is no reason you ought to be worried about them.

Look at other companies… the ones that specialize command a premium cost, and get it. Take for example Doctors… An over-all Physician makes considerably less that a Cardiac Surgeon. The Cardiac Surgeon has specialized training, and provides an extremely narrow service. You will not see them giving routine vaccinations, or a common physical.

My guess would be that if you developed heart troubles you would change out if a General Physician wished to perform heart surgery on you. You will run to the nearest Cardiac Doctor to treat your problem.

Are you saying to yourself… Yeah that is medicine. We have been talking only window cleaning here. You are right, it is only windows cleaning. But it still applies in our business as well.

You see people like to believe that their situation is different. One customer views the windows in their high end custom built home as much different that windows they see within storefronts, or a colonial in an top middle class neighborhood. They expect to find a window cleaner that understands, and has plenty of experience with their style of windows.

I remember a window solution that advertises that he is a residential window cleaning company hat focuses on storm windows. I was impressed with that level of specialization.
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You can bet he or she charges a premium to clean those tornado windows. After all he is a specialist!

This individual went beyond being just a home window cleaner, or a residential window solution. He gets it… do you? Regarding maximum effect you must go beyond placing yourself as a residential window cleaner. A better positioning statement would be a residential window cleaner that specializes in split leaded glass. What level of specialization are you going to position your company?

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