On-line Job Searchers – Top 5 On the web Job Advertisements to Avoid

On the internet classified ads are a great place to search for work.
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But beware there are lots of scams, bad jobs and people fishing for private information on your resume. Here are some job ads that you should probably avoid.

1 . Vague Ads: Avoid job advertisements that don’t explain exactly what you will be doing. An example “I need anyone to help improve my website”. That’s excellent, but what exactly needs to be improved. Style, usability, SEO? Email the poster first asking for specific information about the position before applying. If you don’t get a reaction then don’t bother giving them your own resume.

2 . Ads looking specifically for students. Of course many students and new grads are desperate for work, but job posters could use this particular desperation to take advantage of you. They might pay significantly less than what they would pay someone with a few years experience. Check to see if your school has a work board for new grads.

3. Advertisements for a start up idea that promises profit the future. Someone has a great idea for a business, but needs someone to assist them get it off the ground. They can’t pay out you anything now, but guarantee big money one the idea takes off. When the company fails you’re not going to get compensated. Sure starting up a company is risky, but part of it is being able to pay employees. Only apply for jobs that will pay you for the work you do.

4. Advertisements stating, “No experience needed! ” Some job ads require little experience, but offer large profits. These are usually telemarketing or additional sales jobs. To actually be able to associated with top commissions they promise you probably have to be really good at sales. These types of jobs often state “no experience needed” but truthfully if you actually want to get a big commission you’re likely to have to have some experience. Set up provide full training, training can simply go so far. You’re going to need a few experience.

5. Ads with impractical expectations. Some companies want you to perform various different positions while only paying you for one. They are often presented as a great way to achieve experience in your chosen field. A company wants someone to answer phones, document documents, greet clients, improve the carrier’s SEO ranking, cold call to get new clients, update and write content for the website, etc . All of these points could potentially be full-time jobs within themselves, even if you are inexperienced, don’t let yourself become overworked.

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