Ship Buying Tips – Part One

Lengthier and warmer days can make us think of lazy days on or even near water. When we think about going for a boat ride or fishing on any lake or river, some of us might begin dreaming of owning our very own boat. Living north of the 49th parallel, the summers tend to be smaller, so we want to know that we will get the most use and value for our boat-buying dollar. Boat shopping can be satisfying, but it can also be annoying, frustrating, exhausting or all of the above.
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You need to think about some questions before deciding on the boat because there are many things to consider. First of all, what kind of boat are you looking for? Is it regarding water skiing, tubing, fishing or just with regard to sightseeing? Where and how will you be spending most of your time? How many people can normally be in the boat with you, and what kinds of features do you want or need? For most of us, price is also a significant factor. Know how much you are ready to spend on a boat. New boats have great appeal but some of us may be limited to purchasing an used ship simply because of the price tag. (A word associated with caution: in the used boat market, a bargain is not necessarily a bargain, as well as a boat bought in the United States and brought to Canada usually has no warranty in Canada. Since I am a marine mechanic in Canada, this article will become from a Canadian perspective)

I was introduced a boat bought at an public sale in the States late in the season, therefore it wasn’t until the following spring it came into my shop to be checked over. The first time I fired up that 200 HP outboard, the knocking was so loud that you could almost hear it clear across town. The particular outboard was shot and required a $5000 fix.

Another guy brought me a boat he’d purchased in Texas to be used for water skiing. He thought he’d gotten a great deal. He brought the boat in my opinion because he noticed the instrument board wasn’t functioning properly. You didn’t want to tell engine speed because nothing of the electronic gauges were operating. The instrument panel was an one particular piece unit, so it cost this customer $800 just for the device package. He had been sold the particular boat with the promise that there had been no problems.

New boats possess higher price tags and generally have to be financed. There are many affordable used boats out there and good deals can be found, however, many boats that look good and affordable might not be what they seem at first glance. When you begin to make your selection, know your price range, know what size of motorboat will meet your needs, and know what functions you want. Also keep in mind that most of us will have to tow our boat to our fishing or boating destination, so make sure you have a vehicle capable of towing a boat. A 14 to 16 foot boat will work well upon smaller lakes without a problem, yet I would recommend a 16 foot boat rather than a 14 footer. After you’ve selected the length, you will also have to decide on the width for your boat as a variety of widths are available. Many of the older models are narrower than today’s boats. Newer boats come with options for example live wells, navigational lighting, bilge pumps, better seating and much better handling. When you buy a new vessel, you have a warranty on the boat, motor, truck, etc . Many used boats include very limited warranties or even none, so be sure to ask and get in writing the actual warranty includes. Too many people have bought an used boat without a warranty only to find that all was not as promised. Purchasing that boat, ask to take this out on the water, preferably with an experienced boat owner. You do not want to buy a boat having been promised that the ship is in great condition and works well only to find out the first time out that you are reduced to rowing back to shore or losing a wheel off the trailer. You could also wind up with lifeless batteries, no lights or a numerous other issues.

An example of this is the guy who took his family out for a first ride in his newly bought used boat. The boat has been supposed to be trouble free and water ready. He backed the trailer into the water and launched the motorboat by hand. He pulled it to shore so that his family could get in, pushed the boat back again out into the water and attempted to start the engine. After an hour or so of vainly trying to begin the engine, he finally threw in the towel. It was a very windy day and the water was cold. He had in order to row the boat close sufficient to shore in that wind so that he could stand in the frigid water and push the boat to shore to enable his family to obtain out, and then manually push the boat back onto the truck. When he had bought the boat, he was promised there were no issues with the motor and he had been refused a refund. He was out the money he had paid, plus would have needed another $1700 to help make the boat usable and reliable. Even with the $1700 repair, the ship still would only have been really worth what he initially paid for it.

Another time I got a ship where the buyer had been told almost everything was good. He tried it out and everything seemed to be okay. However , the engine had issues (low compression in 2 away from 3 cylinders) and had to be replaced at a cost of $3500. Even with the brand new motor, the boat was still worth only the $1200 he’d paid for it. He had been promised the boat was perfect when he bought it.

A final example is a man who bought a boat from a Canadian dealer. He lake tested the boat and it performed well. Nevertheless , he noticed that there was a lot of water in the bilge. Although he returned to shore without issue, he still wondered why there was so much water in the boat, so he brought the boat to me. It had been that the wooden bunks from the trailer had rotted out, exposing the bottom of the boat to the steel hoke mount, which punctured a pit the size of a Loonie into the underside of the boat. The floor needed to taken out, along with some styrofoam, and an area was riveted to the bottom of boat. It required 12 hours to make this repair at a price of $1600.

This is why it is so important that you take a veteran boat owner along with you when checking out an used boat to purchase. If you don’t know one, try to find an established marine shop and take the ship there to have it checked more than. Ask the seller if you can have your hard earned money refunded if the boat is not just as advertised. All too often boats have been marketed by disreputable people who have no idea or even interest in whether the boat they’re promoting floats, never mind whether it is useful or reliable. There are dishonest people out there and unfortunately they don’t wear signals saying they are dishonest. Don’t be scared to ask for references – honest vessel dealers will have many good types.

When we sell an used or consignment unit, I will spend at least an hour with the customer so that he understands what everything does and what the purpose is so that both people are certain that this is the boat he wants. By the time he makes his decision to purchase the boat, he knows what the boat is effective at and how to use it properly.

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