Having the Right Mobile Phone Service Agreement

There are a variety of factors you should consider when choosing your own mobile phone service agreement.

How you use your mobile phone.
Will you only use your cell phone for emergencies or more frequently?

Once you make most of your calls.
Will you mainly be making calls during the day, at night, or on the weekends? You can choose a tariff that gives you a better deal based on when you make most of your calls.

Your location when making and receiving calls.
Will you be close to home or far? Mobile phones tend to charge a nationwide rate, no matter where you are.
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Also, several mobile companies offer better charges for using your phone abroad compared to others.

What kind of service your monthly budget allows for.
Is a contract support better for you, or a pay-as-you-go service?

Most service providers offer prepaid plans, often referred to as ‘pay-as-you-go’. Instead of getting a monthly bill, a person pay in advance for a specific variety of minutes and text messages. When you use these pre-paid minutes up you can buy more – often called ‘topping-up’. Prepaid plans tend to be more expensive per minute than the monthly tariff, but they can be very useful for people who don’t use their mobile phone much, have limited budgets, or desire greater control over their children’s cellular use. They may also be a good choice for people who have a bad credit rating and are seeking to improve it.

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