Like the Spice of Mexican Dining Goodies in Dorset

Maintaining your family and friends happy during a very exclusive getaway is a big challenge. But , this task will easily be achieved if you decide to stay in one of the luxurious Dorset holiday cottages. Especially created for venturing groups of any size, the holiday cottages provide excellent self-catering accommodations plus superb customer service. Each holiday cottages boasts modern amenities that will a person more comfortable all throughout your retreat. As guests of the Dorset cottage, you will be granted exclusive privileges to use the private spaces and services. Plus, the Dorset cottages brings you close to several restaurants that carry international flavours. If you are a huge fan of Mexican food yet do not want to travel far from your own cottages, here are some recommendations.

The Companeros

Do you feel like dancing salsa or even taking pleasure in Mexican dishes? Well, the Companeros could be the one to fulfil this particular desire of your stomach. Located within close proximity from your holiday cottage, you are bound to have an excellent hot and spicy treat at this restaurant. At Companeros, you are guaranteed to receive amazing services from well-trained staff and mouth-watering and authentic Mexican food. With regard to appetisers, the chef recommends Jalapeno Poppers, Chilli Conqueso, Cheese, various other dishes like Enchiladas and Tostadas etc . The aroma is so wealthy that it is too inviting to resist. The restaurant is open seven days of the week and is available for lunchtime and dinner. The only time that will operation hours vary are during summer and spring time. While staying in one of the Dorset holiday cottage, the Companeros is a delightful spot to treat your loved ones.

The Coriander Philippine Restaurant

Continue with your Mexican ability at the Coriander Mexican Restaurant. An ideal blend of spice, music and comfortable colours will definitely captivate your like for Latin American flavour. One of the oldest restaurants in Bournemouth, it’s stone throw away from most Dorset holiday cottages. Coriander Mexican is proud of its arrayof Coeliac and vegetarian meals. Serving of mouth-watering and authentic Mexican dishes start from 12NN and will last until late night. The stylish inner surface will make you feel like you are in South america, especially with all the sombreros, cacti, plus Mexican plaques that hang in the walls. The restaurant has 2 floors and is recommended for various occasions like wedding, anniversaries, birthday celebration parties and corporate events. Meals here in Coriander Mexican Restaurant comes in a very reasonable price. Snacks start at £2. 50, which lasts until 5PM. The Coriander is open for breakfast, lunch, snack and supper. If you have no time to cook in your holiday cottages, but still want some thing special for the whole family, Coriander could be the perfect option. Since this place is an all-time favourite, make sure you location early reservations prior to visit
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