The Milkshake Story

About 1850 was born the native edition of milkshake, an eggnog blend topped up with frothy alcohol. This original version of milkshake did not resemble the later day milkshakes in any way.
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Well if the frothy alcoholic beverages mixture did not resemble the current day time milkshakes, then how did the milkshakes come into being? To know this, we must first trace the history of glaciers creams. History has it that glaciers creams came to be added into milkshakes only around 1920s.

The story experience it that a Walgreen soda fountain had been operated by the manager who was testing out new concoctions to serve to absolutely free themes. He wanted to create some thing brand new and it so happened that he put in a few scoops of ice cream into one from the blender mixers that was used to mix malted milk and was born the new tasty, creamy liquid drink called milkshake.

It must have been one of those times when he must have decided to try and keep trying until he comes up with something totally new. He must have definitely tried a lot more recipes and after a few trials and errors must have finalized the recipe of milkshake. The tasters must have had a tough day trying to taste all that was offered.

So hence then began the milkshake story. Soon the news spread everywhere and individuals began demanding milkshakes everywhere. Walgreen was overnight transformed from a small local drug store to a national chain selling milkshakes through every soda fountain in the country.

Thus began the story of milkshake, which captured whole America’s heart with its rich and creamy taste and flavors. Milkshakes became the national rage and could be found in every little corner shop on streets besides the most expensive hotels that offered milkshakes as a part of their own menu.

Today of course milkshake because seen several generations pass by and have been transformed in the bargain too. Milkshakes which were usually available with only dark chocolate, vanilla or straw berry tastes is today available with many more choices and recopies too. New varieties seem to be popping up all the time.

No matter where Milkshakes reach in terms of modifications to the dishes, the credit will always belong to the Walgreen soda fountain manager who had been out there to try something new to make sure you his customers.

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